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The dog is the best friend of the man according to the saying. It is said to be true, indeed, an effective relationship is often tied between the master and the dog, provided that it is well trained. Just behind the cat, the dog ranks second among the most popular French pets: there were 7.26 million dogs in 2014. On the podium of the favourites, the Labrador leads in front of the small Yorkshire terrier, ahead of the Jack Russel terrier himself.

Contrary to popular belief, the dog does not necessarily need to have a large outdoor area where he can frolic because the dog’s size is very variable from 10 cm to over 80 cm at the withers, and a small kilogram to more than 140 kg! Obviously, their needs will not be the same. Moreover, a very large variety of breeds (more than 300) are either natural or from crosses.

As you discover the dogs, you will find that they have been the choice of a family, the home alive, despite everything, most often in the countryside. Will you fall for the touching truffle of a young puppy?

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