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Tips for choose the right mascara

The makeup of the eyelashes is essential, do not miss it! And yet, we are very rarely immune to a failed effect with our mascara! Sexy, glamorous, natural, makeup must fit your eyes. It is still necessary to know the good products corresponding to your eyes. Long and thin eyelashes, short and straight eyelashes, Cosmo has selected for you the mascaras you need.

Sometimes, a simple stroke of mascara brush is enough to dress his eyes. Still need to choose the right mascara for his  eye makeup.

So do not make a mistake, here are the best tips for a haunting look thanks to … mascara  !

How to choose a mascara ?

This is the most important step. It is necessary before choosing its mascara , to identify the type of eyelashes that one has. Short eyelashes, fine eyelashes or straight eyelashes: with each type of eyelashes its mascara.

  • Fine eyelashes: bet on voluminous mascara
  • Straight eyelashes: choose a curving mascara
  • Short eyelashes: bet on a lengthening mascara

But that’s not all. You must also choose your mascara depending on the desired effect.
We will not opt ​​for the same mascara depending on what we are looking for: a glamorous doe eye effect or Twiggy doll eyelashes, with each style of mascara!

Once you know what you want, you have to take action. When choosing your mascara, also check the correct brush.

  • Synthetic fiber brush: practical, it can twist to reach all eyelashes.
  • Silicone brush: with its small pimples, it catches all the eyelashes and curves them from the root.Tips for how to choose a mascaraHow to put your mascara?You are shown the gestures to know on the fingertips to put his mascara and have a beautiful natural look and doe eyes .
    • Natural application: you can put a base from root to ends. In the same way, we put a single layer of mascara on top.
    • Doe eyes: Mascara is applied to the eyelashes from the inside to the outside which lengthens the eye.
    • Application with an eyelash curler  : take the eyelashes at the root and pinch them. Then we apply the mascara in a natural way to smother and reassemble.

    And most importantly, do not forget to regularly clean your mascara brush .
    Otherwise, hello the package effect on the eyelashes.
    Moreover, if you have skidded with your mascara, we reveal to you our advice to make up for this burr.

    Tips to put your mascaraHow do you know which mascara color is made for your eyelashes?

    It’s easy, just know what color goes with your iris.

    For  green  to brown eyes , plum and violet are preferred.
    As for the hazel eyes, we will opt instead for indigo and marine mascara.

    Finally, our ”  special mascara  ” file would not be complete if it did not include a product selection!

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media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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