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Tips to clean up your brush

Few people think of cleaning their makeup brushes. And it’s a shame because uncleaned brushes, it’s a real nest of bacteria! So to know how to properly clean the makeup accessories and maintain them, we reveal the instructions for use. Follow the guide.

The makeup brushes and other makeup accessories are in direct contact with our facial skin, our eyes or our mouth.

So take care and regularly clean his makeup brushes , it is a necessity!

Why clean his makeup brushes?

In a single use, the hair brushes but also the sponges catch the bacteria to redeposit on the face and thus clog the pores, cause the appearance of acne and create many inconveniences.

How to clean his makeup brushes?

Without lying to you, the ideal would be to wash them every day, after each use.

But honestly, it’s untenable because in the morning, in his bathroom, we have something else to do than clean up his make-up accessories .

So, it must be done once a week.

Tuto to clean his brushes

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