Tips to make smoky eyes

How to make a perfect smoky-eye in minutes? With the right tools, good makeup, of course. Cosmo offers you a free and imaginative eye makeup course, to master perfectly the makeup technique of the smoky-eye, also called smoky eyes!

The smoky-eye? We all dream of it! How to achieve a smoky-eye easily in minutes? Contrary to appearances, it’s easy … Cosmo’s faith!

Before giving you all the secrets of the smoky-eye, here are some information, tips and tricks to master to perfection this makeup technique.

smoky eyes

The smoky-eye, what is it?

Smoky-eye is a makeup technique that consists of creating a halo around the eye. The French synonym for this eyelid makeup is also “smoky eye”… everything is said!

What products and tools for a smoky-eye?

To make this eyelid makeup, you need:

  • at least they have different eye shadows (we can mount up to 5 similar colors). In terms of color, choose black, dark brown, dark blue. Even if one can apply this makeup technique with any color!
  • a flat brush to apply eye shadow on the eyelid
  • a blending brush to blur, therefore, the eye shadow above the eyelid and flush with the lower lashes
  • a kohl pencil (better than eyeliner because it fades better)

What makeup for a smoky-eye?

Attention: when you “wear” a smoky-eye, the complexion must be absolutely perfect!

We choose a neutral foundation that unifies the complexion. Blush is applied to the cheekbones to avoid the bad-looking effect induced by the very make-up eyes associated with the nude complexion.

On the lips, no sparkling red! We keep this rule: if we load the eyes, we discreetly make up the lips, and vice-versa. With a smoky-eye, we use a light gloss, even transparent.

Eye color and smoky-eye

Green eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes  : the smoky-eye is a makeup eyelids that suits all colors and all forms of eyes.

Some tips:

  • hazel eyes can use warm colors such as brown, black, green
  • brown eyes can use warm colors also, brown, black, green
  • black eyes will favor brown (black may harden the features)
  • blue eyes can use warm colors and cool colors: brown, black, green but also blue and purple
  • green eyes can use warm colors and cool colors: brown, black, green but also blue.Tips for eye color and smoky eyes                        Now Remember these tips in mind, go for the realization of your smoky-eye!



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