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Salads: fresh and amazing recipes for light meals

Quick to prepare and always tasty, salads are allies of choice in everyday cooking. Composed salads are prepared on a base of green salad, rice or pasta. The best known of these are the Greek salad with feta and olives, as well as the salad niçoise with Mediterranean flavors. You will be able to slip in your salads


Egg dish

Eggs, make it a whole dish! Recipes for cooking are easy and often fast. We love eggs in all their forms: scrambled, calves, boiled, hard, mimosa, fried, poached … To get round flat eggs, it is possible to use small silicone circles sold in trade. Practical, when one lacks inspiration, the omelette is declined to the envy. Garnish with


Meat dishes

Meat in sauce, red meat, filet cute … Meats are prepared in many ways, some of which have become great classics of French gastronomy. Burgundy beef, veal white meat in white sauce, rooster with wine or roast chicken are always unanimous at the table. Learn how to make them at home! Thanks to our easy recipes, cook all