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Salads: fresh and amazing recipes for light meals

Quick to prepare and always tasty, salads are allies of choice in everyday cooking. Composed salads are prepared on a base of green salad, rice or pasta. The best known of these are the Greek salad with feta and olives, as well as the salad niçoise with Mediterranean flavors. You will be able to slip in your salads a rest of roasted chicken, dices of county, avocado, ham … The possibilities are almost infinite. To season your salad, vary the oils and vinegar that make up your dressing: olive oil, nuts, hazelnuts, rapeseed associated with a balsamic vinegar, cider, raspberry or red wine. To your salad bowls!





Pasta salad: the best recipe
Bun: the best recipe


Caesar salad: the best recipe
Rice salad: the best recipe
Endive salad: the best recipe
Native salad: the best recipe
Carrots from macaroon salad
Zucchini salad with pine nuts
Coleslaw cabbage salad
Rifles salad with the colors of Italy
Oriental salad
Oriental tabbouleh
Lentil, arugula and goat salad
Fresh and traditional tabbouleh
Greek salad
Potato salad with mint


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