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All about education

All about education
Eight Misconceptions about education

Does my child behave abnormally? Should I punish him more severely? What if my child is bored? Figures from disgusting, a Flemish line of assistance …

Education: the freedom choice of German parents

While at home, more and more helicopter parents are hovering over their children 24 hours a day, German parents are deliberately opting for freedom. Young people …

The child king has become the prey child

It is nice to tribalize and compartmentalize with as many methods as frenzy, everything always ends up entangled. Until generations. At one time or another, the Bof hangs on the Y …

Ukraine: youth education ruined by war

According to an official report published by Human Rights Watch, the conflict in eastern Ukraine between the Kiev government and pro-Russian militants has resulted in the destruction of hundreds …

Demonstration in Hungary against Orban’s grip on education

Thousands of Hungarians unhappy with the state’s grip on education demonstrated Saturday in Budapest, forming one of the biggest gatherings faced by the …

The new father is (almost) arrived

In the cupboard, the father families! Exceeded, dad boyfriend! From their father, the children of today, modern Telemachus, are waiting for something else. In his latest book, the Italian psychoanalyst …

Nearly half of Flemish parents say the summer holidays should be shortened

According to a survey conducted by the consulting firm iVox, at the request of the daily Het Nieuwsblad, 43% of Flemish parents believe that we must shorten the summer holidays …

Do we have the right to publicly treat his children as “little fuckers”?

Last Saturday, Siska Schoeters, a presenter on Studio Brussels and very well known in Flanders, told her children about the daily De Morgan. His words and more particularly the …

Wouter Beke’s Twitter account “hacked” by his 9-year-old daughter

You could read some very funny messages on the Twitter account of the president of the CD & V, Wouter Beke, this Tuesday morning. Would he have been hacked by his 9 year old daughter?

Children’s exposure to screens: 7 tips for parents

The exposure of children to screens (tablets, television, …) is worrying. The American Academy of Pediatrics makes seven recommendations for parents.

At school: when violence replaces hopscotch

We all share a responsibility for school violence. Our children must learn that he is as guilty of letting go as being an executioner.

The Swedish educational model: the end of the myth

While Sweden is renowned for its school system and the well-being of its children, a report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development draws the …

Facebook, future educator for young people?

Facebook representatives said Wednesday at a meeting with Secretary of State for the Protection of Privacy Bart Tommelein, be ready to play an educational role with the …

#I Wish My Teacher Knew, the hashtag that gives students the floor

Kyle Schwartz, an American teacher, asked her students to share information on a piece of paper to get to know them better. The results have so much questioned …

“New technologies contribute to the development of societies”

“Official development aid should be reserved for the poorest countries,” said Minister for Development Cooperation Alexander  on Saturday .

“Education can not remain the poor relation of European policies”

it is imperative to strengthen more than ever the place of education on the European agenda, but also the place of education for citizenship within the policies of …

European Tour of Spanking

27 of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe have adopted legislation prohibiting corporal punishment of children in all circumstances. Some countries, like the …

Draw Mahomet? “With explanations,” answers Plant u

Faced with Cypriot cartoonists intrigued by the insistence of Charlie Heb-do to pin Mahomet, the French designer Plant u defended the freedom of expression of artists, estimating …

The number of rules in a family affects the health of children

Television, video game, computer: at most the use of its devices is regulated in a family, the more the child will have a healthy life later. This is what a new study has revealed.

Helping your child can hurt his academic success

Many parents help their children with homework. Overly regular help would not improve their results and could even hinder their success. Here are a few tips.

More than half of parents approve the educational step

According to a survey commissioned by our colleagues in Knack, more than half of Flemish parents believe that a pedagogical step is sometimes justified. “There are indeed times when you could throw your child out the window.”

Finland, eldorado of education?

What are the recipes of the Finnish educational model? In the wake of Wise, the Doha World Education Summit, L’Express interviewed Pasi Sahlberg, head of the Center for Mobility and International Cooperation of the Finnish Ministry of Education.

France: a charter of secularism posted in all schools

No religious symbols at school, no proselytism in class: France has since Monday in its public schools a “Charter of secularism”, at the request of the Minister of Education, Vincent Peillon.

Education protects against crisis, tobacco and obesity

Graduates of higher education are less affected by unemployment in times of crisis, smoke less, and are less likely to become obese, according to a report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development …

A book against the neoliberal school

In his book Childhood under pressure: when the school makes sick, reissued in November, the sports organizer Carlos Perez denounces a dehumanized school pushing doping students. Meet.

In Tunisia, Harlem Shake turns into a social fight

How much will they be at the rendezvous? On Facebook, nearly 10,000 have signed up to participate, Friday afternoon, in a giant Harlem Shake before the Ministry of Education in Tunis.

Quebec: the rebel province

The student strike, which has been going on for almost four months, goes beyond the scope of the tuition contest. Does this “maple spring” presage a struggle between generations?

In Afghanistan, access to health remains unequal

On the occasion of the ten years of the military intervention in Afghanistan, a coordination of a hundred international and local NGOs presents, this Friday in Paris, a report on the state of mind of the inhabitants and their main expectations: education and …

The Belgian spends 43 minutes a day with his children

Belgian parents spend less time with their children than the world average. Mothers spend twice as much time as fathers. It is the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development  that has …

And politeness, then?

The other day, rushing into the bakery, a kid did not think it would be useful to hold the door to the grandmother who was leaving it, Yorkshire and ceramic under his arm; the next day, another client went there with her lament: her niece had not “even” thanked her for her gifts …

PISA survey: encouraging results for Belgium

Korea and Finland occupy the top two positions in the 2009 PISA global survey ranking of educational performance. If the results are encouraging for Belgium, the French Community ranks in …

No generalized sexuality classes at school

While the Youth Council calls for a course of emotional and sexual life from high school and everywhere, the Minister of Education Marie-Dominique Simone t considers the organization of such a course impractical. She is working on other options …

Spanking makes you aggressive, the corner makes you think

According to an American study, children who frequently get spanked tend to become aggressive when they grow up







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