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Health Tips

If someone goes on a journey – diseases in the car, plane or on the ship

Diseases during a trip can spoil the holiday pretty much. What complaints are and what you can do about it, you can find out here.




Out Time – The best outdoor activities in summer

Whether in the open-air pool, at the quarry pond or the sea, on the mountain, in the field or in the forest – in the summer the workout takes place outside!

Which water suits me best?

Whether athlete or gourmet, whether pregnant or in constant stress – there is the right water for every person and every life situation. This is ensured by minerals, which occur in different amounts in each water. A close look at the fake label is well worth it. We have taken a closer look at five water types and their needs.

Stay clean – Disinfection while traveling

Aircraft toilets, hotel rooms or bathrooms are a playground for germs. We will give you tips on how to keep your environment hygienic on the way.

Advertisement: The MEGA-MAX success concept for your desired figure

Making a good figure on the beach is easy and delicious with MEGA-MAX. It is very important to us that you come with enjoyment and joie de vivre to your personal feel-good weight.

Just sleep over it

While we’re lying on your lazy skin, our brains are working overtime. On the one hand it creates order during sleep, on the other hand it tries out new combinations. What can come out amazing, you will learn in the last part of our series.

Indication: soothing eye cream from sensitive skin care

The soothing eye cream from sensitive skin care has been specially developed for the sensitive eye area. Anti-irritant, moisturizing and decongestant agents quickly relieve itching, swelling and redness.

Indication: Perio-Aid® – for the optimal treatment of plaque

In case of excessive accumulation of dental plaque and difficult oral hygiene – Perio Aid ® 2 in 1 Set consisting of Mouthwash and Intensive Care Gel.

Indication: Safe and age-adapted special food for cow’s milk allergy

Cow’s milk allergy is the most common food allergy in infancy and childhood. The symptoms are often diverse and therefore not always clearly attributable to a cow’s milk allergy. This can affect the skin, the respiratory tract or even the gastrointestinal tract.

Ta-tort inter-vertebral disc

A sudden, violent “shooting” pain or dull back pain may indicate a herniated disc. A very unpleasant matter, which can also cause a lengthy treatment.



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