Indication: Perio-Aid® – for the optimal treatment of plaque

Indication: Perio-Aid® – for the optimal treatment of plaque

In case of excessive accumulation of dental plaque and difficult oral hygiene – Perio Aid ® 2 in 1 Set consisting of Mouthwash and Intensive Care Gel.

For optimal completion of dental treatment for plaque

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simultaneously, the awareness of a gesunde oral hygiene on. Often, it is then realized how quickly plaque can develop and unhealthy bio-film can spread. Above all, risk patients with bleeding or inflamed gums or systemic diseases that affect an entire organ system, such as diabetes or hypertension, in addition to the care by the dentist, the complementary treatment at home .

Dent-aid as a reliable partner for your oral hygiene

Dental plaque (plaque) consists of multiple, complex structure layers (proteins, carbohydrates, phosphates and microorganisms) and arises especially where tooth surfaces can not be kept free of deposits by cleaning because microorganisms on the tooth surface to highly complex bio-films organize. The formation of excessive dental plaque (bio-film) can lead to periodontists, gingivitis and other complications.

According to the consistency, a distinction is made between hard (e.g tartar) and soft plaque (e.g food residues or bacterial plaque such as plaque), according to their location on the tooth surface in those that are located above the gingival margin (supragingival) and such hidden under the gum-line and invisible.

Health tips

New products help patients integrate everyday life support mechanisms that prevent them from developing plaque formation, improve the health of the periodontist, and reduce side effects.

Perio · Aid ® Active Control Mouthwash

Keeps the bio-film actively under control and is suitable for preparing for the dental treatment of periodontal disease as well as after dental treatment for short and long-term use for people with excessive accumulation of oral bio-film (dental plaque) as well as for difficult oral hygiene.

Perio · Aid ® Intensive Care Gel

Contains 0.12% chlorhexidine and is suitable for people with excessive accumulation of oral bio-film (dental plaque) both for the preparation of the dental treatment and after the dental treatment for brushing. In addition, the Intensive Care Gel can also be applied locally, e.g for difficult oral hygiene in nursing phases.

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