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“5 Fruits and vegetables a day”: an economic issue or a real need?

The story of the creation of the slogan

The slogan “Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day” was launched in 2001 by the French government and considered through the  National Health Nutrition Program . This program aimed to improve the health of the French by encouraging them to review and improve their diet . Because many bad eating habits are to deplore the French. Starting with their low consumption of fruits and vegetables .However, these are sources of essential nutrients to our body . They bring energy to the body and help fight many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or excess “bad” cholesterol. In addition, they contain antioxidants that work against aging and protect the body’s cells from damage caused by free radicals.Learn more about the benefits of fruits and the benefits of vegetables .

A real need or an economic issue?

But, while the increase in fruit and vegetable consumption was just one of many objectives in the National health nutrition program, it has become one of the National health nutrition program most successful actions by the French: the proof Today, the slogan is known to all and even big brands do not hesitate to use it as a simple sales argument …

And yes, while at the base this slogan was simply to improve the diet of the French, for manufacturers , this slogan has become a real selling point . Thanks to the incentive to increase the number of fruits and vegetables in the diet, the program has  favored the consumption of fruits and vegetables , which has had a significant financial impact on the food chain.The manufacturers are delighted with the positive impact of the slogan on sales , but in view of the benefits of fruits and vegetables, it is better to enrich the producers of fruits and vegetables than the producers of cigarettes or junk food, is not it? :)The only question that one could ask is the number (arbitrary or not?) Of “five” fruits and vegetables a day. Why 5 and not 7? Could 3 be enough?

Fruits and vegetables: Why 5 and not 7?

It is advisable to eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day because researchers have calculated that this is the amount needed to meet the needs of our body vitamins, minerals and fiber. But beware, fruits and vegetables are not equal:

Fruit is good. Vegetables are better!

An important point to highlight in the program “5 fruits and vegetables a day” is the fact that the consumption of fruit does not have the same importance, at the nutritional level as the consumption of vegetables . In reality, it is vegetables that must be eaten in greater quantity. Fruits are much less useful, and you can easily harm yourself if you eat too much.Indeed, although it is recommended to eat a lot of fruits, especially for their vitamins and their fibers, it is nevertheless advisable to be wary of them because of their important fructose content,  a natural sugar present in the fruits. This causes peaks in blood sugar (blood sugar) and promotes the accumulation of fat in your cells if they are consumed in excess. In other words: they  can cause weight gain . Their high potassium content would also have a diuretic effect on our body, leading to a mineral imbalance.

Dietitians recommend 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day  to cover our needs. Choose veggies , rich in nutrients and low in calories, which can be eaten without moderation – fruit , which can promote weight gain if consumed in excess … It recommends a maximum of 2 to 3 fruits per day .

In any case, prefer organic as much as possible : fruits and vegetables of biological origin are less harmful to health : they have less pesticides, do not use GMO’s and they are also more respectful of the environment, etc. I invite you to read more about it in the article “10 reasons to favor organic farming” .


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