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7 tips to add more fiber to your diet


Adding fiber to your diet does not mean you have to give up your favorite foods or change your lifestyle . Just follow these easy tips :

  1. Eat fresh fruits

To increase your fiber intake, eat more fruits (fresh) . The concept of “fresh” fruits because they contain the greatest amount of fiber.Do not forget to eat the fruit peel  (example: for apples or pears): they also contain large amounts of fiber!

  1. Eat vegetables (preferably raw)

In addition to their many health benefits , vegetables have the advantage of containing fewer calories but also a  lot of fiber and nutrients . So be sure to incorporate them into all your meals!Favor them as raw as possible because once cooked, vegetables lose up to half of their fiber!

  1. Vary fiber sources

There are two types of fiber: soluble fiber (which increases satiety ) and insoluble fiber (which facilitates transit and prevents constipation) . In order to benefit from these two types of benefits, be sure to incorporate both types of fiber into your diet.For example, beans, nuts, rice or carrots are sources of soluble fiber, while whole grains or apples, for example, are mainly sources of insoluble fiber. Some foods even contain both types!

  1. Start your day with a bomb of fibers!

You know how important breakfast is to health : it will contain the “fuel” to run our organization. Start the day with a high fiber breakfast.

Opt for high-fiber cereals  :  The latter  contains more than 15 grams per serving! The bran is also an interesting source: this is also the most fiber rich food.

  1. Go for whole grains

Prefer whole grain cereals “simple” (example: wheat) that are low in fiber. So:
– instead of eating a baguette, take whole bread;
– instead of buying classic pasta, opt for wholemeal pasta;
– instead of eating rice, eat whole rice instead.

  1. Use whole wheat in your recipes

Replace half of the whitened flour with whole wheat flour in your recipes and preparations .

  1. Add fiber to your salads and yogurt

Another trick to refuel, add dried fruits, nuts or seeds to cereal salads or yogurt . These are, indeed, an important source of fiber!

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media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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