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Barbecue: How to enjoy while eating healthy?

  1. Choose less fatty meats

“A healthy barbecue goes through healthy ingredients . ” As far as meat is concerned, the secret to making a healthier barbecue is to replace the fatty meat usually used in barbecues with leaner meats. So avoid chipolatas, spicy beef sauce or other industrial sausages stuffed with fats and choose for example chicken or turkey meat, or fish or seafood.Also limit red meats : these can be a major cause of colon and rectum cancer. Indeed, these red meats bring a lot of saturated fats (the worst type of fat).

Tips for healthy diet

  1. Add more vegetables to your barbecue

Serve grilled meats with a salad of crudites in olive oil . In this way, you will enjoy the vitamin bomb from vegetables and the incredible benefits of olive oil .Another advantage: salads are light , and therefore particularly appreciated by our body in the summer or in hot weather. You will find nice summer salad recipes that are simple and easy to make here .

Tips for healthy diet

  1. Opt for kebabs

Another simple idea to incorporate more vegetables into your grill is to opt for kebabs! And yes, by adding peppers, onions, mushrooms or tomatoes to your kebabs, you will be able to concoct a more balanced and healthy barbecue!

The other advantage is that you can use your imagination to make your skewers . No risk of getting tired!

Tips for healthy diet

  1. Monitor the cooking of the meat!

Do not over-grill meat: this advice may seem absurd , yet it is important to make it clear. Indeed, it has been proved that the barbecue could be dangerous for the health , because carcinogenic . The danger comes from the fat that flows when cooking meats and fish , and that ignites in contact with embers, charring the food.

Comment: If the danger exists, it must be put into perspective because the barbecue is a seasonal cooking , and therefore infrequent. In addition, this risk can be limited by adopting the right behavior. For this, choose a slow cooking, place them sufficiently far from the fire. Finally, always remove the blackened parts of the food.

Tips for healthy diet

  1. Opt for marinades

Researchers at the University of Kansas have proven that soaking meat in a marinade (oil, vinegar, herbs, spices, etc.) can reduce carcinogenic substances in meat by 57-88%! It seems that it acts as a “barrier”. And if the marinade is usually quite fat, you have nothing to fear for your line since all the fat will melt on the barbecue, leaving only meat impregnated with a taste of herbs and spices!

  1. Use spices

Spices not only have the advantage of seasoning our dishes and giving them different tastes and flavors, but also bringing us a whole bunch of benefits . And yes, we often neglect the benefits that these herbs could bring us in terms of health. 

Tips for healthy diet

  1. Take care of the grill

The hob is the main tool for making a barbecue: it is therefore essential to take care of it.Clean it thoroughly after each use , and if you ever have to cook different foods as a result, hit the rack between each of them to avoid accumulating carcinogens on the food .

Tips for healthy diet

BBQ and diet: compatible?

Barbecuing is a good thing. First, it implies that the food is cooked without adding fat. Secondly, during cooking, a large portion of the meat fats are removed , making the barbecue a less healthy cooking method than other types of cooking .

Do you still doubt? Know that if there is something that could make you fat in a barbecue, it is undoubtedly all those fat sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, etc) that you add! Tip: If you are unable to do without seasoning, prefer spices that have as many virtues as different varieties or possibly the mustard – which is by far the healthiest sauce that exists in the world and who marries extremely good with grills!

Enjoy your meal everybody!


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