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Discovering the banana But where does it come from?


Although it is often associated with Africa , bananas are, in fact, native to … Asia  ! And yes, it would come from Southeast Asia, a region from the far north of Australia to north-east  India . It is also there that it is considered the “fruit of paradise” : according to the Hindus, it would not be an apple that Eve would have extended to Adam, but a banana  !It was only in the time of Alexander the Great that the banana fell in popularity because it was forbidden to the soldiers because it weighed down and made the soldiers unfit for combat.

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The origins of the word

The origin of the term banana is vague: according to some, it comes from the Bantu term “banana” and, for others, from the Arabic word meaning “the finger” .There are a hundred different varieties . Some are considered fruits , others are vegetables ! The plantain for example is a banana considered a vegetable. Its particularity lies in the fact that it is much less sweet than the banana usually consumed.

Tips for healthy diet

Nutritional values

Tips for healthy diet

The 8 benefits of bananas

# 1 A source of vitamins

Bananas (green) contain a large amount of starch. This starch turns into sugars when the banana matures. In this way, the more mature a banana is, the more sweet it is. But it is not an anti-slimming food for all that! On the contrary, if you eat it in time, the banana does not contain more carbohydrates than a biscuit or candy, while being more nourishing and better for health !And yes, you must know that banana is a plant that needs a lot of minerals to grow . It requires a soil rich in magnesium, potassium and nitrogen. It is probably for this reason that bananas contain a large number of vitamins and minerals: they are particularly rich in manganese, magnesium, potassium and iodine . It is, moreover, called the “salt of intelligence” because it contains large amounts of phosphorus .

# 2 Against the bar

Since its sugars are quickly assimilated by our body, the banana allows a quick recovery after the effort . It is therefore particularly recommended for athletes , but also for children and adolescents !

# 3 Relieves burns and wounds

Banana has softening properties . It relieves the pain caused by burns . To do this, simply put a slice of banana peel, inner side on the burned area.

It also relieves skin wounds , the skin infections or the mouth sores . After an insect bite, rubbing the skin with banana peel also helps relieve itching and decrease swelling.

# 4 Protects the mucous membranes of the stomach

Banana is unnatural antacid that can relieve intestinal burns .Studies in humans (3) and animals (4) suggest that bananas may protect the stomach lining against ulcers . Current research, however, is insufficient to recommend their use for the prevention or treatment of gastric ulcers .

# 5 For white teeth!

In external use, banana is an excellent tip of grandma against yellow teeth . In fact, apply the back of the banana peel on your teeth and rub vigorously for a few minutes. Repeat this over several days. White teeth insured!

# 6 Has antioxidant properties

Although bananas are not among the fruits that contain the most antioxidants, they still have a high antioxidant capacity , possibly helping to prevent the occurrence of many diseases.

# 7 For better transit

If bananas have been said to be a natural remedy for diarrhea , they are also for the treatment of constipation . And yes, because it contains a type of fiber ( soluble fiber ) that would help control the consistency of stool (see our online course on fiber ). These fibers also promote good disposal , which also has an effect on the transit acceleration . So, whether you have a problem with constipation or diarrhea, eat bananas: they will naturally regulate your transit.

# 8 To keep  the banana!

Banana contains tryptophan, which is a protein that the body converts to serotonin . This is known for being an excellent natural relaxant and a good mood booster . As a result, consuming it helps you feel happier and therefore greatly reduces mood swings and depression states .

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