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Satiety: 4 tips to recognize the feeling of satiety


# 1 Eat gently

The  messages of satiety take a long time to go back to the brain: 15 to 20 minutes on average. For this reason, it is essential to eat slowly  to better perceive the feeling of satiation . Eating greedily, and therefore too quickly, leads to having to note afterwards that we  ate too much .

To respect his hunger, it is therefore necessary to eat slowly, remaining attentive to his feelings.

# 2 Use small portions

One often has the tendency to have the eyes bigger than the belly: one uses a big plate thinking that one will manage to finish it but in fact – no. Result: we force ourselves to finish the plate by politeness or courtesy , even if we are more hungry. By doing this way, the extra pounds are guaranteed!

  Serve you smaller portions, even if you serve several times . Of course, every time you come back to yourself, ask yourself the question, “Am I really hungry or just craving? » . If the answer is yes, stick to it. Otherwise, you know what you have to do :-).

# 3 Listen to your feelings

In general, satiation leads to several ”  symptoms  ” that should be considered: Recognizing his symptoms, and therefore listening to his body, is important to recognize his satiety: only the learning of the signals of your body will allow you to know when to stop .

What are they ?

  • lassitude of taste, namely a feeling of “saturation” concerning the food being consumed. You feel that the food you eat is repugnant because you have eaten enough.
  • feeling of fullness: when you are full, your body is full of energy. So you feel “good”, in better shape: you are then full.

# 4 Ask yourself the right questions

Think about the origin of your desire. Some factors (such as seeing an appetizing food, being unaware of what you eat or stress) can affect your satiety and give you the bad impression that you are still hungry. Ask yourself the right questions: do you still want to eat because you are bored or you feel depressed ? Or because you saw this  nice cupcake on the table?

Asking the right questions  can help you be alert to your body’s symptoms.


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media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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