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The folding phone standoff: Samsung’s Galaxy Fold vs. Huawei’s Mate X


The folding smartphone may have finally arrived during Mobile World Congress  with the unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X. So what do these two bendable blowers stand for exactly? While we’ll need to get our hands on them to really flesh that out, here we’ll take a look at the design and technical details to see how they stack up at this early stage...



Stove, device used for heating or cooking. The first of historical record was built in 1490 in Alsace, entirely of brick and tile, including the flue. The later Scandinavian stove had a tall, hollow iron flue containing iron baffles arranged to lengthen the travel of the escaping gases in order to extract maximum heat. The Russian stove had as many as six thick-walled masonry flues; it is still...

Introduction to the Gilded Age


The Gilded Age. The name, popularized by American author Mark Twain, conjures images of gold and jewels, lavish palaces, and wealth beyond imagination. And indeed, during the period we know as the Gilded Age — the late 1800’s to the 1920’s — American business leaders amassed huge fortunes, creating a suddenly-rich baron class with a fondness for ostentatious displays of newfound...

About Neoclassical Architecture


Neoclassical architecture describes buildings that are inspired by the classic architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. In the United States, it describes the important public buildings built after the American Revolution, well into the 1800’s. The U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. is a good example of neoclassicism, a design chosen by the Founding Fathers in 1793. The prefix Neo- means...

Discover the Beauty of Fine Arts


Fine Arts is an opulent subset of the Neoclassical and Greek Revival architectural styles. A dominant design during the Gilded Age, Fine Arts was popular but short-lived in the United States from roughly 1885-1925. Also known as Fine-Arts Classicism, Academic Classicism, or Classical Revival, Fine Arts is a late and eclectic form of Neoclassicism. It combines classical architecture from ancient...

Recent Pages Recent Pages is a site to discover original, unique &
media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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