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Tips to apply your eyeliner

Eyeliner is a makeup that we all love to wear to look good. Extremely feminine, the eyeliner is a magnetic and glamorous look, but still need to know how to apply it. Pencil, liquid or cream eyeliner, brush or felt, Cosmo gives you all the beauty tips and tricks for a successful day or evening makeup.

This year, the eyeliner is back. Sexy, glamorous, transcendent look, the eyeliner is your new ally for daytime or evening makeup. Not easy, however, to successfully pose the eyeliner.

Overflows, shakes, pies, the eyeliner can quickly turn into a headache. To avoid cold sweats and other discomforts, Cosmo gives you all the tips to put your eyeliner.

Apply your eyeliner, instructions:

To begin, sit down. It’s even easier if you can rest your elbows on a flat surface. Arrange to stretch the skin of your eyelid. Either you lower your eyes and raise your head a little; either you hold your head straight and you raise your eyebrows.

In both cases, try to keep your eye open, it will be easier to follow the curve of the eyelid and draw a straight line!

Objective: to draw a line as close as possible to the root of the eyelashes. For this, start with the inner corner of the eye to the middle. Take a break, if necessary, then resume to the outer corner of the eye.

Finally, open the eye and apply the eyeliner on the outer part so that the trace follows the normal curve of the eye. To correct a sad eye, you finish your line by moving it up slightly.

Do not forget to wait a few seconds before lifting the eye for optimal drying. In case of small misfires, do not panic. Take a cotton swab, wet it or soak it with make-up remover, tighten your eyelid and remove the excess with the cotton swab.

What line width?

We tend to say that thick lines harden the look while fine lines intensify and enlarge your eye. But it is above all a question of taste and face!

If you are not very skilled, first draw a small line with a well-cut kohl pencil. Then, all you have to do is go over with your liquid eyeliner or cream.

In order, apply eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara . For small eyes, apply eyeliner to enlarge or to intensify.

For a smoky look, apply a black pencil line along the lower lashes. Eyeliner is mandatory for false eyelashes.

We dare glitter or colored eyeliner for party or party make-up.

Choosing the right eyeliner formula

Makeup brands offer different formulas that allow you to choose the one that suits you best. Eyeliner pencil, felt or brush, eyeliner cream or liquid, each his method.

The liquid brush is the eyeliner par excellence. It allows a fine and precise layout and can be counted on a long lasting outfit. Only problem: its application must be controlled.

Easier to apply, felt or pen eyeliner is more popular with novices but offers a less precise pattern than eyeliner with a brush.

The cream eyeliner is used with a beveled brush. The latter allows a more worked and thicker layout. The texture of the potted eyeliner is thicker, resembling moistened powder.

Finally, pencil eyeliner is often the most common. Easy to apply, the pencil offers a flexible layout even if it is less precise.

Tips for choosing the right eyeliner formula


Spray is not an easy task. It’s even an art. So to learn how to get a good eyebrow, Cosmo gives you his best advice. Restructuring for a perfect line, good gestures to learn to wax yourself: you are told everything to have eyebrows naked!

Having perfectly shaved eyebrows is often complicated.
At least, that’s what we think.
But in reality, having perfect eyebrows is not an impossible mission.

You just have to know how to do it and what good things to do.

The restructuring of the eyebrows is having a nice line of eyebrows , always in line with the shape of his face and that of his eyes.
For this, the beautician who is restructuring must redraw the eyebrows by taking “measures” of the beginning, end and the arc of the eyebrow (the highest point, the famous circumflex eyebrow).
Once the line of the eyebrow is defined, all that remains is to depilate.
The right gestures to blow your eyebrows by yourself

Again, the restructuring is to be done at the beautician to be certain that the shape of your eyebrows will be adapted to your face.
Tips for right gestures to blow your eyebrows by yourself

Once you have the line, all you have to do is tweezers and maintain your eyebrows at home.

  • Sit comfortably in front of a mirror and in a place lit by daylight.
  • Extend the skin to the maximum to dislodge the small hair to eradicate and especially to avoid pain when pulling the hair with the pliers.
  • Always prune in the direction of hair growth.
  • Do not forget to wax on and under the eyebrow.
  • If you have long, dense eyebrows: cut them to have a regular line. To do this, brush your eyebrows and cut with a small chisel from the outer tip to the inside.
  • If holes remain, fill with an eyebrow pencil the same color as your natural eyebrows.

Brush your eyebrows without pain: it’s possible!

The adage says that you have to suffer to be beautiful.
Yes but here we are at Cosmo, we do not want to.

Tips for brush your eyebrows without pain

So we give you some tips to ease the pain.

NB: valid only for a hair removal eyebrows at home.

  • Spray right after the shower, once the pores of your skin are dilated. Thus, the hairs will retreat more easily and therefore without pain.
  • Before you brush your eyebrows, pass an ice cube over to “anesthetize” the area and numb it.
  • Apply just after hair removal a care with aloevera to calm the pain.

Here, with all these tips, you eyebrows that go straight!


Tips to clean up your brush

Few people think of cleaning their makeup brushes. And it’s a shame because uncleaned brushes, it’s a real nest of bacteria! So to know how to properly clean the makeup accessories and maintain them, we reveal the instructions for use. Follow the guide.

The makeup brushes and other makeup accessories are in direct contact with our facial skin, our eyes or our mouth.

So take care and regularly clean his makeup brushes , it is a necessity!

Why clean his makeup brushes?

In a single use, the hair brushes but also the sponges catch the bacteria to redeposit on the face and thus clog the pores, cause the appearance of acne and create many inconveniences.

Tips for clean makeup brushes

How to clean his makeup brushes?

Without lying to you, the ideal would be to wash them every day, after each use.

But honestly, it’s untenable because in the morning, in his bathroom, we have something else to do than clean up his make-up accessories .

So, it must be done once a week.

Tuto to clean his brushes

  • Pour a few drops of brush cleaner (you will find a selection of products a little further down the article) or baby shampoo in the palm of your hand.
  • Add a tiny amount of water to the brush and turn the hair in your palm to lather.
  • Rinse gently with warm water.
  • Drain the brush in a paper towel or dry towel, put the hair in shape.
  • Allow the brush to dry horizontally, letting the bristles protrude from the edge of a piece of furniture.
    Tips to clean up makeup accessories
    To use it, nothing more simple.Just put the product dedicated to cleaning brushes make-up on the glove, put a little water and rub the brush on it.
    And presto, you will find a material all beautiful, all clean.Beauty tips for makeup items 

    There, it is a little more complicated.

    Since sponges are … sponges (yes, they absorb a lot of bacteria, at least much more than brushes), it is imperative to wash them after each use with mild shampoo and lukewarm water.


Tips for acne treatments

Finding an effective acne treatment is the fight of all those who have pimples. Light or inflammatory acne, different techniques exist to make skin with imperfections. Natural treatment against acne, antibiotic treatment or laser … You are told everything to get rid of these nasty buttons.

Natural treatments to fight against acne

The coconut oil helps clear acne pimples. Thanks to its greasy texture, it re balances skins prone to imperfections. It does not encourage the production of sebum and contains antibacterial agents that prevent impurities from proliferating on the epidermis.

The essential oil of tea tree, tea tree, can be used as a treatment against acne thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Always side natural treatment, to fight against acne , plants are your friends. Hops or nettles eaten as herbal tea help fight pimples.

Popular treatments for acne

Retinol, contained in many anti-wrinkles, is a good ally against acne. Derived from vitamin A, it unblocks the pores of the skin , reduces acne scars and fights against aging skin.

Money is also part of acne treatments. This element helps fight skin infections, burns and other skin infections. Another plus, it does not dry the skin. The use of zinc is also recommended in the fight against acne.

In acne treatments, we often hear about salicylic acid . It helps regulate the secretion of sebum, unclog pores, treat lesions and prevent scarring . Salicylic acid stabilizes the pH of the epidermis.

You will probably also hear about benzoyl peroxide. Used in cream or gel, it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

If you are a gentle doctor, acupuncture can help you fight acne. From certain points of pressure, the acupuncturist will help the production of sebum to regulate and thus to reduce acne.

Treatment against acne: methods at dermato.

For deep skin cleansing , go to the dermatologist. This health professional attacks your pimples with a very fine needle to make micro-incisions. It extracts the micro cysts and gets rid of blackheads or whiteheads.

The laser is also an effective treatment against acne. The light it produces will reach the sebaceous glands in the dermis without reaching the epidermis. This is to regulate the production of sebum to prevent the appearance of acne .

The use of antibiotics, such as roaccutane , in the treatment of acne should be taken with extreme caution. These drugs are often composed of isotretinoin and are reserved for inflammatory acne.


Tips for nail polish

When applying varnish, usually it flakes in 2 steps 3 movements. So how do you extend the life of your nail polish?

Our expert manicure reveals their tips and tricks for a nail polish that really holds!

Application tips and unsuspected tips, these are the 5 commands that must be strictly adhered to to extend the life of its varnish.

Step 1. Clean hands you will have

“You think to wash your hands just before applying polish and degrease the surface of the nail with a cotton and a little alcohol to allow the base to adhere well to the nail without fat residue. Which could have been dropped after applying hand cream for example. ”

Step 2. From the base you will apply.

“It is important not to forget the application of the base which will allow a more uniform application of the varnish, protect the nail from the pigments of the varnish

(yellowing) but also improve its behavior over time.”

Tips to applying a base

Step 3. A careful application method you will perform.

“It cannot be repeated enough: Apply very thin diapers, I insist on the” very “because it is the key to a successful manicure.

Do not be afraid if the first layer of color is irregular it is quite normal, it will dry quickly will serve as an undercoat and the result will be perfect with the application of the 2nd.

To do this, do not hesitate to dilute the varnish with special drops (such as the Essie Pro fluid E for example) so that the varnish retains its original texture and even mid-bottle.

And above all, it avoids putting solvent in the bottle, it alters its composition!

It is also essential to “border” each layer of varnish on the outside of the nail. Border is to apply its base on the entire nail in 3 horizontal movements, then a 4th vertical along the free edge of the nail.

This will create a “small” on thickness and protect the nail polish from shocks. ”

Step 4. Patience you will show.

“Council that might seem useless but that seems to me ESSENTIAL: to respect the drying time between the layers and this, even for the base!

We check that the previous layer is dry before applying another, otherwise may wait indefinitely that our varnish is permanently dry and risk making snags. ”

Step 5. In the top coat you will invest.

“Today, there are top-coat” between two manicures “that apply on its varnish every 2 days in thin layer. The goal of the top-coat between two manicures? Revive color, shine and improve hold.

In addition, its texture is much thinner than a drying accelerator top coat for example, the drying time will be faster! “