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Discovering the banana But where does it come from?

Although it is often associated with Africa , bananas are, in fact, native to … Asia  ! And yes, it would come from Southeast Asia, a region from the far north of Australia to north-east  India . It is also there that it is considered the “fruit of paradise” : according to the Hindus, it would not be an apple that Eve would have extended to Adam, but a banana  !It was only in the time of Alexander the Great that the banana fell in popularity because it was forbidden to the soldiers because it weighed down and made the soldiers unfit for combat.

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The origins of the word

The origin of the term banana is vague: according to some, it comes from the Bantu term “banana” and, for others, from the Arabic word meaning “the finger” .There are a hundred different varieties . Some are considered fruits , others are vegetables ! The plantain for example is a banana considered a vegetable. Its particularity lies in the fact that it is much less sweet than the banana usually consumed.

Tips for healthy diet

Nutritional values

Tips for healthy diet

The 8 benefits of bananas

# 1 A source of vitamins

Bananas (green) contain a large amount of starch. This starch turns into sugars when the banana matures. In this way, the more mature a banana is, the more sweet it is. But it is not an anti-slimming food for all that! On the contrary, if you eat it in time, the banana does not contain more carbohydrates than a biscuit or candy, while being more nourishing and better for health !And yes, you must know that banana is a plant that needs a lot of minerals to grow . It requires a soil rich in magnesium, potassium and nitrogen. It is probably for this reason that bananas contain a large number of vitamins and minerals: they are particularly rich in manganese, magnesium, potassium and iodine . It is, moreover, called the “salt of intelligence” because it contains large amounts of phosphorus .

# 2 Against the bar

Since its sugars are quickly assimilated by our body, the banana allows a quick recovery after the effort . It is therefore particularly recommended for athletes , but also for children and adolescents !

# 3 Relieves burns and wounds

Banana has softening properties . It relieves the pain caused by burns . To do this, simply put a slice of banana peel, inner side on the burned area.

It also relieves skin wounds , the skin infections or the mouth sores . After an insect bite, rubbing the skin with banana peel also helps relieve itching and decrease swelling.

# 4 Protects the mucous membranes of the stomach

Banana is unnatural antacid that can relieve intestinal burns .Studies in humans (3) and animals (4) suggest that bananas may protect the stomach lining against ulcers . Current research, however, is insufficient to recommend their use for the prevention or treatment of gastric ulcers .

# 5 For white teeth!

In external use, banana is an excellent tip of grandma against yellow teeth . In fact, apply the back of the banana peel on your teeth and rub vigorously for a few minutes. Repeat this over several days. White teeth insured!

# 6 Has antioxidant properties

Although bananas are not among the fruits that contain the most antioxidants, they still have a high antioxidant capacity , possibly helping to prevent the occurrence of many diseases.

# 7 For better transit

If bananas have been said to be a natural remedy for diarrhea , they are also for the treatment of constipation . And yes, because it contains a type of fiber ( soluble fiber ) that would help control the consistency of stool (see our online course on fiber ). These fibers also promote good disposal , which also has an effect on the transit acceleration . So, whether you have a problem with constipation or diarrhea, eat bananas: they will naturally regulate your transit.

# 8 To keep  the banana!

Banana contains tryptophan, which is a protein that the body converts to serotonin . This is known for being an excellent natural relaxant and a good mood booster . As a result, consuming it helps you feel happier and therefore greatly reduces mood swings and depression states .

Tips for healthy diet


How do the best to develop their network?

Business tips

Your network is your net worth.

Network, network, develop your network. To succeed, it is essential to be visible and cultivate relationships. Of course, networking is one of the strongest tools for moving forward in your personal and professional life. Yet many are now adopting the wrong method and seeking to have the widest possible network to get something back. And if the networking was all the opposite? Giving without hope could help you more than you think!

Communicate well, consolidate your network, go to the right places and master LinkedIn as a pro: 7 key points to develop your network.

1 / Be generous and expect nothing

Although networking is a win-win relationship, the two parties may not necessarily find their account at the same time! You may be helping a former colleague once, who will return it to you years later. The secret: be generous, help without expecting anything in return! Generosity is an attractive value, which we remember. The most talented net-workers are often those who give more than they receive.

2 / Listen and flatter

For many, not being a good communicator is an irreversible obstacle to networking. It’s wrong ! Beyond communication, the secret of the network lies in listening. As the famous psychologists explains, manifesting an interest in the other fills the penultimate need of the pyramid: the need for esteem. Your interlocutors like to be flattered, listened to, understood and they will forge stronger relationships with you if you give them this pleasure.

3 / Make the network live

A good network is a network that lives! Relationships must be long-term and must be nourished by connections, mutual help and regular contact. For that a tool: your calendar. The birthday of your former boss, the big event a friend is working on, the return of a colleague’s vacation or just the end of the year holidays: note, be sincere and take news of what you want heart.

4 / Think “social” and not “post”

Never make the mistake of neglecting someone in relation to your position or title. Around a contact gravitate many others and a high position in the hierarchy is not at all the only criterion to take into account! Think wide. Moreover, your network does not stop at the professional circle. Friends, members of the same association, neighbors: all contact is good to take and may be a day much more interesting than you expected.

5 / Talking intelligently

Listening, keeping in touch, helping others: that’s good. They must also be aware of what you are doing, to potentially help you later! Be specific about your project, your desires, your work, your expectations and talk about yourself in an intelligent and clear way. Your network needs to understand your business and industry.

6 / Frequent the good places

Even if you do not network to network, you can also force a little fate and frequent the places through which you are most likely to meet interesting people! Be careful not to go there for the specific purpose of leaving with something. This is the best way to miss everything! Go with enthusiasm, interest and open mind. Co-working spaces, specialized exhibitions, meet-ups , after works, but also cultural outings or sporting events: with a passion or a common interest, many links are created!

7 / Being a LinkedIn Expert

Networking pros are inevitably also LinkedIn pros . With 100 million users in the world and 6 million in France, LinkedIn is a gold mine with many tips and potentialities. Some useful tips:

  • Have at least 150 relationships to optimize the network
  • Join groups (100 maximum allowed): your network will be increased tenfold between your relationships and the relationships of members of joined groups
  • Organize your contacts by grouping them into groups (in: Network / Contact / Labels)
  • Export your contacts to keep them if necessary in Excel document (in: Network / Contact / Export your relations)

Vices and virtues of connected objects in the service of health


Applications and other electronic devices challenge the traditional health care system, explains Nicolas Bourdillon, researcher at Unil and head of research and development at start-up Be care SA. It will be held from January 8 to 11 at CES Las Vegas, a convention dedicated to technology, which for the first time welcomes a Swiss pavilion.

Chest belt showing you how tired you are, watch your sleep, range of calories you eat, activity sensor measuring your energy expenditure, earpiece showing your heart rate, glasses with built-in speedometer, smartphone giving blood pressure and electrocardiogram: the list of applications for smartphones and bio-metric connected objects is based on the Pervert inventory, but they will become essential tools for the health of the future.

In the traditional health system, a person goes to a medical facility, a personal trainer, an optician, a physiotherapist, depending on how they feel. It is up to the consulted specialist to evaluate the problem, for example a physiological imbalance or a situation that could be pathological, then to propose to the person a solution, relying on reliable, standardized measurements and scientifically and ethically accepted processes. . The role of the specialist is essential because it lies in the interpretation of biomedical data.

Crucial interpretation

With connected objects, people are now exposed directly to the measure, but it is rarely accompanied by interpretation. However, interpretation is the essential element of the process because it is thanks to it that the person can know his state of health and find solutions. Without interpretation, there is a real risk of falling into the obsession with the measure, which can generate anxiety, guilt or on the contrary denial and disinterestedness. In any case, the person will miss the key elements of his health.

To make a diagnosis is not only to compare the individual measure to a norm (which can sometimes help) but it is also to interpret personal measures in the knowledge of the past of the person. However, it is impossible to standardize individual monitoring. On the other hand, a system using artificial intelligence can clearly help the diagnosis by detecting a change in behavior of the bio-metric parameters.

For example, a chest belt giving the electrocardiogram, and relying on artificial intelligence, can detect a change in the activity of the autonomic nervous system indicating that the body is fighting a disturbance. It can also detect silent infarction, preceding a massive infarction, diagnose one to prevent the other. It can finally guide the person in improving their motor and cognitive performance by encouraging stimulation but avoiding overloading. Artificial intelligence guides the person, but it can also alert a designated specialist (coach, doctor).

Alleviate the costs of health

The first advantage of a reliable measurement coupled with artificial intelligence is therefore guiding the person, which tends to make him responsible for his health. The second advantage lies in the early diagnosis: it is always easier to treat at an early stage rather than advanced. The third benefit, which results from this, is the reduction of health costs when the problem is identified early or, even better, when the disease is prevented.

On the other hand, prevention should not be part of the predictive analysis of risk, which presents a huge ethical risk. Nobody can live normally if he is told at age 20 that he has a 90% risk of triggering Parkinson’s disease after 50 years. The statistics should only lead to simple recommendations aimed at behavioral change (a food habit, a sports activity for example) but not to the prediction of an incurable disease.

The most important danger is probably the protection of personal data. If, for example, the insurances modulated their contracts according to the prediction on the health of each one, the principle of solidarity which rests on the mutualisation of the risks would be abolished, which also abolishes the equality of everyone before the health system.

Connected health will continue its development, but it can only be effective if it is based on a scientific foundation that guarantees measurement; and, on the other hand, whether it is accompanied by the relevant use of artificial intelligence. The latter will not replace the specialist, but will become his essential ally.


Start the day off right with a full and balanced breakfast. In the American style, breakfast is salty and consists of mellow pancakes, scrambled eggs and grilled bacon slices. In the French, opt for a croissant or chopsticks slices topped with butter and jam, not to mention the milk, fruit and fresh fruit juice. This full breakfast is perfect even if you are on a diet. The English breakfast is salty. If you’re not a big fan of beans in the morning, get some muffins or scones that you can drizzle with marmalade or lemon curd. Find many slimming  and world breakfast recipes  in our selection.


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Advertisement: The MEGA-MAX success concept for your desired figure

Health tips

Making a good figure on the beach is easy and delicious with MEGA MAX. It is very important to us that you come with enjoyment and joie de vivre to your personal feel-good weight.

Let’s start  with  the  startup phase . In  these  first 3 days, you  switch  your  metabolism  to  effective  fat  burning. This  works  with 3  delicious  protein  shakes  and  glaucoma  saturation capsules . In  addition  there  is  a low  carb  meal  in  the evening.

Then we come to the weight loss phase and it is effective on the small flab. The MEGA MAX diet drink contains not only a lot of protein and fiber, but also vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, so your body is well cared for – of course, low in calories. In this phase, fiber is very important for a good intestinal activity. Always remember to drink a large glass (250 ml) of water.

your body back to your new weight and gradually add healthy food to your diet. It is particularly important in this phase to eat plenty of protein in the evening.

Why?  Protein biosynthesis, i.e the build-up of body and muscle protein takes place mainly at night. For this your body needs enough “building blocks”, i.e protein. Good for you: MEGA MAX protein 100 saturates well, so you can sleep satisfied.

It’s best to start the next morning with exercise. Maybe you can, for example, run a station on foot instead of the train or you take the stairs instead of the elevator. Be creative!

As much as possible 3 times a week Sport: Endurance training, HIIT workouts, or simply your favorite sport. Important: especially in everyday life you should move as much as possible. There are so many options: write down a list of 5 points you can do. This will help you build muscle, stimulate your metabolism and burn calories.

The plan is proven and easy to integrate into everyday life. MEGA MAX protein drinks in 8 different flavors taste really good, protect against muscle breakdown and provide the building blocks for muscle growth.

MEGA MAX Diet Drink is a complete meal replacement with high quality fiber and keeps you satisfied. The MEGA MAX Glaucoma Saturation Capsules are supportive against the “small appetite in between”.