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Can brain stimulation boost athletic performance?


To obtain more from the body, some hope to be able to act one day on the brain to disconnect the protective mechanisms.

In an attempt to gain a few watts or minutes, some athletes and coaches are now turning to neuroscience. Recently, the manager of a cycling team spoke of his interest in neuromodulation, the main advantage of which would be to prevent the brain from “letting go”. Does he really apply such a method? Hard to know.

What is known, however, is that the system mentioned is a non-invasive electrical stimulation device  which allows – with the help of two electrodes placed on the scalp – to modify the excitability of the regions brain. Applied for a few minutes, such stimulation would promote the plasticity of neural networks. In therapy, levels of evidence are beginning to be acceptable for treating fibromyalgia, depression and some addictions. But what are these neuro modulation systems doing in sports?

The brain, the only master on board

Having a “good heart” and “good muscles” is essential in endurance sports. Nevertheless, the brain remains “master on board” because it delivers the motor commands and analyzes the emotions and motivation of the individual. Thus, after being informed of a strong solicitation of the cardiorespiratory and muscular systems, this one would reduce the orders sent to the muscles to prevent the risks of overwork – or worse – of lesions. Wise decision.

Could brain stimulation change what appears to be a protective mechanism for these systems? Beyond the questions of health that such a perspective would represent, on which brain regions should this stimulation be applied? Some scientific studies seem to provide elements of response: those that stimulate the motor regions to reduce neuro muscular fatigability and those that are interested in a region of the interoceptive cortex – the insula – to modify the perception of the effort.

It did not take long for innovative products inspired by these stimulation systems to appear on the market. And to make them more practical, an American company has incorporated the two electrodes into the amount of a music headset. The idea would have been good if the studies mentioned above had not obtained effects on the muscular force with an electrode on the head and the other positioned on the shoulder. Because here it is, the problem is that the final product does not always respect the conditions that allowed to obtain these performance improvements.

Moreover, even in the laboratory, the precision of the tool questions. It is very difficult to know for example what part of the insula (6 to 7 cm long) is precisely targeted. It is known that the central portion would treat sensations from the muscles and that the anterior portion would be involved in the treatment of a broad spectrum of sensations (cold, heat, heart beat), as well as in the perception of time and the analysis of emotions.

Finally, the instructions for use remain too general. However, a study published reported that cortical reorganization induced is different according to the time of day, sex and age of individuals and that it is also sensitive to certain pharmacological agents or other genetic factors involved in the mechanisms of synaptic plasticity.

Doping without trace, but not without risk

On these elements, it appears that the current state of knowledge is clearly insufficient to predict the benefits of brain stimulation on sports performance … It is by individualizing this method to people whose effects would be most visible that we could learn to better control it. But it takes time to study and obviously time we do not have …

Neuro modulation leaves a prior no trace. This will make the work of anti-doping actors difficult the day they take over the issue of brain doping. No trace does not mean no risk: we do not know the impact on health of prolonged use.

To end this column on a more optimistic note, here is another rather original solution:According to researchers showed that people who, during an exercise, visualized subliminal images of smiling faces diminished their perception of exhaustion and increased their time. 12% effort. So, smile! You are boosted!


Tips to enlarge the look

Do you dream of big doe eyes like Amanda Seyfried or Zooey Deschanel but yours are very small? Do not panic, we give you 13 makeup tips to make your eyes look bigger.

  • White eyeliner

Apply white or nude eyeliner to the lower lining of the eye. It instantly illuminates and opens your eyes for an angelic look.

Avoid putting too much eyeliner in the inner corners of the eye as all the small impurities are already accumulating there.

Applying white eyeliner

  • The eyelash curler

Curl your lashes before putting on mascara. It is an essential step. It only takes 30 seconds and your eyes look immediately bigger.

A good tip, because if your eyelashes are naturally straight, they tend to make your eyes look smaller.

Applying eyelash curling

  • Light powder

To make your eyes brighter, apply illuminating to the inner corners of the eye by gently tapping.

You can also highlight your brow bone with the same technique.

If you want to avoid the bright side, replace the powder with a corrector . It must be a shade lighter than your complexion and it will have the same effect but with a little less brightness.

Applying light powder on your eyes

  • Brow brushing

Take a little brush on your eyebrows to style them according to their shape and location.It is also practical to remove the foundation or the powder retained in the eyebrows.

Eyebrow makeup With an eyebrow or a pencil, make up the interior of the eyebrows by choosing a shade close to your natural color.

Tips for eye brow makeup

  • The styling of the eyebrows

If your eyebrows are flat, try brushing them up and out.

To be sure they stay in place, you can also use a special eyebrow gel.

Tips for styling eye brows

  • Masks for the eyes

Apply a moisturizing mask to the eyes once a week to nourish your skin.

Spoons in the freezer, slices of cucumber or even ice wrapped in a tissue will help to minimize bags under the eyes.

  • Dark circles

Dark circles diminish the size of the eyes. To hide them, apply a concealer, lighter than your hue, by tapping.

Tips to masks for eyes

  • Mascara

Apply mascara generously, brushing upwards as much as possible.

If you are a fan of Zooey Deschanel’s doe eyes, you can emphasize the lashes of the bottom too.

Tips for applying mascara

  • The black eyeliner

To deepen the line of eyelashes, draw a thin line of black eyeliner only on the upper eyelid. Your eyes will be enlarged in the blink of an eye.
Tips for applying black eyeliner

  • The hollow of the eyelid

With a brush, apply a taupe eye shadow in the crease of the eye to further define the size of your eyes.

Tips for the hollow of eyelid

  • False eyelashes

Add some small individual false eyelashes to the corners of the eyes. This will give the impression that your eyes are always wide open.
Applying false eyelashes

  • Eye drops

Drops minimize the appearance of blood vessels and make the whiteness of the eye whiter.

Remember to seek the advice of a health professional or pharmacist before using them.


Vegetables and gratins

Vegetables are often more appreciated when prepared in gratin. Vegetable gratin recipes are varied and often easy to prepare. With fresh cream, gratin Dauphins (potato) is a safe bet and a support always acclaimed. Vegetable gratins can also be mixed with fish or minced meat, to turn into a complete dish. Lighten up your vegetable gratin by preparing a light version with a béchamel prepared with skim milk and corn starch. Much lighter but no less delicious!


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Homemade dessert

Finish your meal on a sweet note by making an easy, fast and original dessert. Pies, cakes, mellow, crumble, clafoutis … These delights will make the happiness of sweet beaks. Do you have little time in front of you? Opt for a quick homemade dessert like a chocolate fondant, close in just minutes. If you’ve planned a hearty meal, turn to a light dessert such as a fruit salad or lemon mousse, to finish it off with refinement. Gourmet and original, the verrines will allow you to play on colors and textures. The verrines are always the most beautiful effect at your table. Inspire yourself from dessert recipes, you will find your happiness.


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Satiety: 4 tips to recognize the feeling of satiety

# 1 Eat gently

The  messages of satiety take a long time to go back to the brain: 15 to 20 minutes on average. For this reason, it is essential to eat slowly  to better perceive the feeling of satiation . Eating greedily, and therefore too quickly, leads to having to note afterwards that we  ate too much .

To respect his hunger, it is therefore necessary to eat slowly, remaining attentive to his feelings.

# 2 Use small portions

One often has the tendency to have the eyes bigger than the belly: one uses a big plate thinking that one will manage to finish it but in fact – no. Result: we force ourselves to finish the plate by politeness or courtesy , even if we are more hungry. By doing this way, the extra pounds are guaranteed!

  Serve you smaller portions, even if you serve several times . Of course, every time you come back to yourself, ask yourself the question, “Am I really hungry or just craving? » . If the answer is yes, stick to it. Otherwise, you know what you have to do :-).

# 3 Listen to your feelings

In general, satiation leads to several ”  symptoms  ” that should be considered: Recognizing his symptoms, and therefore listening to his body, is important to recognize his satiety: only the learning of the signals of your body will allow you to know when to stop .

What are they ?

  • lassitude of taste, namely a feeling of “saturation” concerning the food being consumed. You feel that the food you eat is repugnant because you have eaten enough.
  • feeling of fullness: when you are full, your body is full of energy. So you feel “good”, in better shape: you are then full.

# 4 Ask yourself the right questions

Think about the origin of your desire. Some factors (such as seeing an appetizing food, being unaware of what you eat or stress) can affect your satiety and give you the bad impression that you are still hungry. Ask yourself the right questions: do you still want to eat because you are bored or you feel depressed ? Or because you saw this  nice cupcake on the table?

Asking the right questions  can help you be alert to your body’s symptoms.