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Health tips

Indication: Perio-Aid® – for the optimal treatment of plaque


In case of excessive accumulation of dental plaque and difficult oral hygiene – Perio Aid ® 2 in 1 Set consisting of Mouthwash and Intensive Care Gel. For optimal completion of dental treatment for plaque simultaneously, the awareness of a gesunde oral hygiene on. Often, it is then realized how quickly plaque can develop and unhealthy bio-film can spread. Above all, risk patients with...

Indication: soothing eye cream from sensitive skin care


The soothing eye cream from sensitive skin care has been specially developed for the sensitive eye area. Anti-irritant, moisturizing and decongestant agents quickly relieve itching, swelling and redness. The skin soothing care is particularly suitable for contact dermatitis, irritations, allergies and eyelid edema. Apply the Soothing Eye Cream to the eye contours in the morning and evening after...



Why magnesium is so important in diabetes Not only an unbalanced diet, overweight or too little exercise can cause the metabolic disease – even a magnesium deficiency can help! Because the mineral helps to pass the blood sugar into the cells. Type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents They are still so young and still have diabetes – and that form, which usually occurs only in the...

If someone goes on a journey-diseases in the car, plane or on the ship


Diseases during a trip can spoil the holiday pretty much. What complaints are and what you can do about it, you can find out here.   Travel sickness Dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting: The classic seasickness can come over us in the car or on the plane. Remedy can already create the right choice of location: in the car or bus always in the direction of travel and sit as far forward. On...

Stay clean – Disinfection while travelling


Aircraft toilets, hotel rooms or bathrooms are a playground for germs. We will give you tips on how to keep your environment hygienic on the way. Disinfectant spray Sprays are particularly practical in their application. However, one should make sure that alcoholic sprays are used only on specified materials. Non-alcoholic disinfectants, on the other hand, can also clean metal and textiles...

Recent Pages Recent Pages is a site to discover original, unique &
media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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