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If someone goes on a journey-diseases in the car, plane or on the ship


Diseases during a trip can spoil the holiday pretty much. What complaints are and what you can do about it, you can find out here.

Health tips


Travel sickness

Dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting: The classic seasickness can come over us in the car or on the plane. Remedy can already create the right choice of location: in the car or bus always in the direction of travel and sit as far forward. On a ship is the best place in the fresh air with a view of the horizon. In the airplane one feels the fewest fluctuations on the places over the wings. Depending on the degree of travel sickness, medicines containing anti emetics may also be helpful because they inhibit the stimuli in the organ of balance. A herbal alternative is ginger , the tuber relieves the nausea and calms the stomach.


Flying can cause earache due to high pressure difference . To prevent this, a pressure equalization should be made at take-off and landing: By yawning and swallowing, the palate muscles relax and the Eustachian tube, the connection between the middle ear and the throat, opens. Even chewing gum and sucking sweets can support this. Alternatively, you can hold your nose and press the air with the mouth closed in the pharynx. The Eustachian tube should open with a click.

Dry eyes

The air conditioning in the plane ensures dry air in the cabin. Especially with contact lens wearers, this can quickly set a foreign body sensation in the eyes. Quick remedy to create eye drops from the pharmacy.


Long-haul flights increase the risk of getting a thrombosis. Therefore, enough liquid should be taken before and during the flight – about a quarter of an liter per hour and of course alcohol-free. You should also move your feet regularly and stand up occasionally to stimulate blood flow. With increased risk of thrombosis (such as due to venous insufficiency or previous thrombosis) protect travel stockings or lower leg compression stockings. Your pharmacy will be happy to advise you.


A relaxed journey requires good planning – even more so for people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes. Especially with long-distance travel with a time lag, the metabolism may get off track, the amount of insulin may need to be adjusted. Who z. If, for example, you need to take your Pens with you in your hand luggage, you should obtain a medical certificate from the doctor in advance for the security check at the airport. Only with this document may one take the utensils into the plane.

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media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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