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Discover the Beauty of Fine Arts


Fine Arts is an opulent subset of the Neoclassical and Greek Revival architectural styles. A dominant design during the Gilded Age, Fine Arts was popular but short-lived in the United States from roughly 1885-1925. Also known as Fine-Arts Classicism, Academic Classicism, or Classical Revival, Fine Arts is a late and eclectic form of Neoclassicism. It combines classical architecture from ancient...



Inn, building that affords public lodging, and sometimes meals and entertainment, to travelers. The inn has been largely superseded by hotels and motels, though the term is often still used to suggest traditional hospitality. Inns developed in the ancient world wherever there was traveling for trading purposes. Ancient Persia’s extensive highway system featured inns. Along caravan...

Roman road system


Roman road system, outstanding transportation network of the ancient Mediterranean world, extending from Britain to the Tigris-Euphrates river system and from the Danube River to Spain and northern Africa. In all, the Romans built 50,000 miles (80,000 km) of hard-surfaced highway, primarily for military reasons. The first of the great Roman roads, the Via Apia (Apia Way), begun by...

Discovering the banana But where does it come from?


Although it is often associated with Africa , bananas are, in fact, native to … Asia  ! And yes, it would come from Southeast Asia, a region from the far north of Australia to north-east  India . It is also there that it is considered the “fruit of paradise” : according to the Hindus, it would not be an apple that Eve would have extended to Adam, but a banana  !It was only in...

How do the best to develop their network?


Your network is your net worth. Network, network, develop your network. To succeed, it is essential to be visible and cultivate relationships. Of course, networking is one of the strongest tools for moving forward in your personal and professional life. Yet many are now adopting the wrong method and seeking to have the widest possible network to get something back. And if the networking was all...

Recent Pages Recent Pages is a site to discover original, unique &
media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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