Spray is not an easy task. It’s even an art. So to learn how to get a good eyebrow, Cosmo gives you his best advice. Restructuring for a perfect line, good gestures to learn to wax yourself: you are told everything to have eyebrows naked!

Having perfectly shaved eyebrows is often complicated.
At least, that’s what we think.
But in reality, having perfect eyebrows is not an impossible mission.

You just have to know how to do it and what good things to do.

The restructuring of the eyebrows is having a nice line of eyebrows , always in line with the shape of his face and that of his eyes.
For this, the beautician who is restructuring must redraw the eyebrows by taking “measures” of the beginning, end and the arc of the eyebrow (the highest point, the famous circumflex eyebrow).
Once the line of the eyebrow is defined, all that remains is to depilate.
The right gestures to blow your eyebrows by yourself

Again, the restructuring is to be done at the beautician to be certain that the shape of your eyebrows will be adapted to your face.
Tips for right gestures to blow your eyebrows by yourself

Once you have the line, all you have to do is tweezers and maintain your eyebrows at home.

  • Sit comfortably in front of a mirror and in a place lit by daylight.
  • Extend the skin to the maximum to dislodge the small hair to eradicate and especially to avoid pain when pulling the hair with the pliers.
  • Always prune in the direction of hair growth.
  • Do not forget to wax on and under the eyebrow.
  • If you have long, dense eyebrows: cut them to have a regular line. To do this, brush your eyebrows and cut with a small chisel from the outer tip to the inside.
  • If holes remain, fill with an eyebrow pencil the same color as your natural eyebrows.

Brush your eyebrows without pain: it’s possible!

The adage says that you have to suffer to be beautiful.
Yes but here we are at Cosmo, we do not want to.

Tips for brush your eyebrows without pain

So we give you some tips to ease the pain.

NB: valid only for a hair removal eyebrows at home.

  • Spray right after the shower, once the pores of your skin are dilated. Thus, the hairs will retreat more easily and therefore without pain.
  • Before you brush your eyebrows, pass an ice cube over to “anesthetize” the area and numb it.
  • Apply just after hair removal a care with aloevera to calm the pain.

Here, with all these tips, you eyebrows that go straight!

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