Tips to clean up your brush

Few people think of cleaning their makeup brushes. And it’s a shame because uncleaned brushes, it’s a real nest of bacteria! So to know how to properly clean the makeup accessories and maintain them, we reveal the instructions for use. Follow the guide.

The makeup brushes and other makeup accessories are in direct contact with our facial skin, our eyes or our mouth.

So take care and regularly clean his makeup brushes , it is a necessity!

Why clean his makeup brushes?

In a single use, the hair brushes but also the sponges catch the bacteria to redeposit on the face and thus clog the pores, cause the appearance of acne and create many inconveniences.

Tips for clean makeup brushes

How to clean his makeup brushes?

Without lying to you, the ideal would be to wash them every day, after each use.

But honestly, it’s untenable because in the morning, in his bathroom, we have something else to do than clean up his make-up accessories .

So, it must be done once a week.

Tuto to clean his brushes

  • Pour a few drops of brush cleaner (you will find a selection of products a little further down the article) or baby shampoo in the palm of your hand.
  • Add a tiny amount of water to the brush and turn the hair in your palm to lather.
  • Rinse gently with warm water.
  • Drain the brush in a paper towel or dry towel, put the hair in shape.
  • Allow the brush to dry horizontally, letting the bristles protrude from the edge of a piece of furniture.
    Tips to clean up makeup accessories
    To use it, nothing more simple.Just put the product dedicated to cleaning brushes make-up on the glove, put a little water and rub the brush on it.
    And presto, you will find a material all beautiful, all clean.Beauty tips for makeup items 

    There, it is a little more complicated.

    Since sponges are … sponges (yes, they absorb a lot of bacteria, at least much more than brushes), it is imperative to wash them after each use with mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

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