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Beauty Tips

Here are 17 fast and effective beauty tips to steal from lazy to be beautiful without forcing too much. On the program: a quick contouring, lipstick blush version, eye makeup chrono …

The lazy makeup tips

  • Use a single product to wear makeup: lipstick.

The ultimate lazy days where you do not want to have fun juggling pencils, blushes, brushes and gloss in your makeup kit , just use a lipstick to tint you with a single mouth, cheeks and eyes.

Apply the lipstick stick along your cheekbones, below the brow bone and on your lips. Then, spread well with your fingers, for a subtle shine. Now that you know it, lipstick will become your best ally!

make up tips

  • Highlight facial contours in a snap.

To highlight your face, make a “3” with a lighter concealer of two shades than your skin color. Draw the first line above your eyebrow. The middle line above your cheekbone. And the last one just above your jaw.

To draw the outline of your face, draw another “3” upside down (i.e. “E” shaped) with a concealer of two shades darker than your skin. Draw the top line on your temple.

The middle line just below your cheekbones. And the third under your jaw. Then mix the two shades to obtain a perfect finish.


  • Erase liner line misses.

Applying your eyeliner perfectly first time is difficult. If you like doe eyes, but you do not have the paw to do it perfectly, just do not much: clean the edges with the tip of a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

Erase liner

  • Get the texture of the mascara to get liner.

If you run out of eyeliner, take some mascara texture by rubbing the brush with a liner brush. Which will save you from running to the nearest shop.

 texture of the mascara to get liner

  • Make sure you have a fresh look with a nude pencil on the lower eyelid.

Not only will this trick illuminate your eyes, but it will give your look a smoother look, like Disney princesses.

Beauty tips for fresh look

  • Get a sexier look by blurring an eyeliner makeup.

Take a cotton swab to spread the line of eyeliner in a seductive smoky eye . No need to take the heavy artillery out of the makeup bag with eye shadow and more, you just need to do it all three times.

Beauty tips for a sexier look


  • Keep your makeup remover next to your bed so you do not have an excuse not to remove makeup before going to

Falling asleep with her makeup can cause pimples and skin infections. Late at night, when you’re tired and do not imagine getting out of bed to the washbasin, you’ll be happy to have this relief product next to your pillow.

(But really, try to preserve your skin and do not book this express remake-up in case of acute laziness. Individual cleansing is essential for the quality of the skin).

remove makeup before going to sleep

  • Hide her scaly varnish with glitter.

Here’s the best way to distract from a tattered manicure. In addition to keeping her nail polish , it’s pretty.

Tips for hide scaly varnish with glitter

  • Speed ​​up the drying process of your face cream with a hair dryer.  

If you are too impatient to wait for your moisturizer to dry before you can apply makeup, set your hair dryer to cold and turn it to your face.

Especially when some products require to be totally dry before moving on to the next makeup step.

Beauty tips for hair

Lazy beauty tips for hair

  • Hide your roots by styling yourself differently

If you need a small touch of hair coloring, but you have not had time to do it, camouflage the damage with a comb. Make a disordered line on the side to hide them.

Only the right part of your hair will make you look like Pepe the polecat Looney Tunes.

Tips for hide styling yourself

  • Hide its roots with a dry shampoo.

If you have a light blonde or even platinum blonde hair color on a dark base, but you do not have Kim Kardashian glam, disguise your roots. Just spray dry shampoo on the scalp to cover the roots.

After that, let it rest for a few minutes. Then, summarily comb with your fingers to spread the product evenly over your hair

Hide your roots by styling yourself differently

  • Wash only strands of dirty hair.

To wash your hair every day is really too much work. It makes the hair more oily in the long run and more. While just washing the wicks that need them is not a problem. Finally, your laziness is justified!

If the front locks are fat but the rest of your hair is not, tie your hair and just wash the first locks over the sink.


Tips for wash dirty hair

  • Prepare wavy hair with little effort before going to bed.

Wrap your hair around elastic while forming a loop. Pin the obtained bun with a bar. If your hair is thin and flat, or frizzy, wrap it straight around your hand to create a bun and secure it with pliers.

When you wake up, unwind the bun, you will get glamorous waves without spending an hour on a curling iron.

Beauty tips for prepare wavy hair with little effort

  • Apply talc to avoid washing your hair too often.

If your hair is really dirty but it is really out of the question that you get up early to wash, apply baby powder to your roots before going to bed. The power of talc will absorb excess sebum, which gives that impression of oily hair.

Be careful with dark hair: baby powder will be seen if you apply it just before leaving home. So, if you sprinkle it on your roots before sleeping, the white residue will have time to fade and your hair will look clean.

Tips to apply talc to avoid washing hair

  • Wrap your hair in a bun to avoid drying them.

If you have washed your hair but do not have the faith to dry it,wrap it in a small, low bun.When your hair is dry,release them and separate wavy locks with your finger.

Tips for wrap your hair in a bun

  • Make a braid for wavy hair without effort.

If curling your hair takes too much time, make a loose braid before going to bed, to get waves of siren when you wake up. If you have fine hair, do not tighten the braid. A very loose braid will give you a softer wavy effect but you’ll keep some volume.

Tips to make a braid for wavy hair

  • Hydrate your feet before going to bed to take off your feet

If your heels start to pick up cracks and blisters, treat yourself to a relaxing treatment to let in during the night. Apply a special lotion for your feet or moisturizing oil on your feet.

Then, slip them into socks before jumping into your bed. When you wake up, your feet will be smooth and soft.

Tips for hydrate your feet


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