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#IWishMyTeacherKnew, the hashtag that gives students the floor


Kyle Schwartz, an American teacher, asked her students to share information on a piece of paper to get to know them better. The results so much that she shared them on Twitter.


Kyle Schwartz shared on Twitter, and anonymously, the statements of his students. © Twitter / Kyle Schwartz

The initiative could never have crossed the walls of the small class of Denver. Yet, late last week she has made a lot of news about her on Twitter thanks to the hashtag #IWishMyTeacherKnew (I would like my teacher to know …) as revealed by the Huffington Post .

Each in turn, students in Kyle Schwartz’s class let themselves go to a confidence on a piece of paper. The children could then choose to sign their paper or not. As revealed by the teacher on her Twitter account , few chose to remain anonymous. The only instruction of the exercise was “honesty and frankness”.

Children in distress

Some statements so upset the teacher she chose to share on Twitter to raise awareness of this problem. The confidences trace most of the difficulties faced by disadvantaged families in Denver, Colorado’s most populous city in the central United States.


“I would like my teacher to know how much I miss my father because he was deported to Mexico when I was only 3. I have not seen him for six years.” © Twitter / Kyle Schwartz


“I would like my teacher to know that I do not have pens at home to do my homework” © Twitter / Kyle Schwartz

The message spread quickly on social networks. Other teachers in the country have taken up the same initiative in their classrooms. And even if all the statements were not so overwhelming, this action has boosted communication and trust between students and teachers. Some mistresses, delighted with the results, have sent a message to Kyle Schwartz on the network, thanking her for taking initiative.

At the microphone of ABC, the teacher had tried to explain her approach: “I care about each of my students, and I do not want one of them to suffer the consequences caused by poverty, it is besides, my main motivation to teach. ” In the past she had already done other projects of the same type with her class as asking groups of girls and boys to present the trades they were likely to be able to do or not.

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media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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