5 fruits and vegetables that you should always buy bio

5 fruits and vegetables that you should always buy bio

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It’s officially summer, which means it’s the best time to go to your local market and buy fruits and vegetables. Be careful though: not all products are equal. While many non-organic products can be consumed without fear, some of them have a large amount of pesticides. According to the Environmental Working Group , here are the top 5 types of summer products that contain the highest amounts of pesticides as well as suggestions for preferring other foods.

Note: wash all fresh products well to reduce your exposure to pesticide residues.


The Environmental Working Group has shown that a simple sample of strawberries contains more than 20 different pesticides.

Buy instead:  kiwis , papaya


In equal quantities, the EWG showed that spinach contained twice as much pesticide as any other plant tested.

Buy instead:  cabbage, sweet corn


More than 98% of the EWG nectarine samples tested positive for at least one pesticide.

Buy rather:  the honey melon


One of the most common fruits is also one of the fruits that is most likely to contain a large amount of pesticides.

Buy instead:  cantaloupe, mango


Like its cousin nectarine, it has been shown that the fishery contained one of the highest pesticide concentrations of any product tested by the EWG.

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