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The good anti stress sport for me


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The good anti-stress sport? Not easy to find! You have already tried several, but not the one that really suits you?

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What I know about me:  Stress, anguish, tension, you can not channel the pressure of external events and your daily life is affected: insomnia, psychosomatic diseases, sweating, muscle contractions … Stress, immediate response to a unexpected situation, can be positive and push to go further; but in a third of cases, this stress causes only inconvenience. Whether you are stressed perfectionist who is afraid of not doing well enough, stressed anxiety (the famous meaning of life that is difficult to find …) or stressed “punctual” (mourning, rupture …), your body is put to severe test .

What I’m hiding … ”  The bottom line is to understand where this stress comes from, advises sport psychologist Jean-Cyrille Lecoq. It is important to ask yourself: What can not I put aside? In fact, if good stress improves performance, the bad stress persists once the stress-or is gone and can be crippling socially or professionally. So you have to define what stress is poisoning you.

Anti-stress sports for me 

  • Running, which can be practiced in the countryside. Ideal to clear your head and forget your worries.
  • Yoga, who learns to work on his concentration skills and to refocus on himself, in order to better manage stressful situations.
  • Relaxation, for its soothing virtues.

What I earn. The practice of a sport allows to secrete Endomorphins, these hormones of the well-being, which cause a state of euphoria. ”  We even talk about” ecstasy of the runner “: after 15 or 20 minutes – for beginners – the release of endomorphins facilitates the management of pain, which allows to go further in the effort,  ” says Jean -Cyrille Lecoq.

The +:  Bruno  sports doctor, is formal: ”  Practicing the sport in the open air allows you to empty your head even more. The spectacle of nature contributes to calm, while indoor sports, by staging yourself against other athletes, tends to stress more.  ”

My bedside book. Sport no stress. These 40 practical, concise and accessible worksheets will help you find the activity that distresses you and lessens anxiety in the practice of your sport.

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media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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