Which water suits me best?

Which water suits me best?

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Whether athlete or gourmet, whether pregnant or in constant stress – there is the right water for every person and every life situation. This is ensured by minerals, which occur in different amounts in each water. A close look at the fake label is well worth it. We have taken a closer look at five water types and their needs.

Health tips


Do you value good food and drink? For gourmets, there is a suitable companion for every menu. Slightly salty with plenty of carbon dioxide, mineral water stimulates the taste as an aperitif. With its low acid and mineral content, it emphasizes the aroma of lighter appetizers, rather than masking it.


Do you have to concentrate often and for a long time, do you have a stressful everyday life or do you have to work hard? Then a mineral water with a lot of magnesium is the ideal thirst quencher for you. Magnesium rich water promotes concentration, makes more powerful and gives energy for everyday life.


If you frequently work up a sweat, you lose not only liquid but also important minerals. With mineral water that contains a lot of sodium, you can quickly re-balance a sodium deficit. Physicians therefore recommend athletes and anyone with sweaty professions mineral water with at least 200 milligrams of sodium per liter.


If you have an increased need for minerals, vegetarian or vegan diet, you should reach for calcium-rich water with at least 150 milligrams per liter. Calcium supports stable bones, solid teeth and healthy skin. Since it is extremely important for the growth phase of humans, it is particularly recommended for children, babies and pregnant women. Since calcium is already present in dissolved form in the mineral water, the body can absorb it particularly well when drinking.


Do you have a rather calm, balanced lifestyle? Then you are just right with slightly mineral water. Its soft, neutral taste makes it a thirst quencher for every occasion: Whether a weekend of well-being on a balcony or a relaxed hobby sport – the body needs fluid replenishment always and everywhere. Ideally you drink 1.5 liters daily, in hot weather or sports activities also like more.

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