Out Time- The best outdoor activities in summer

Out Time- The best outdoor activities in summer

Whether in the open-air pool, at the quarry pond or the sea, on the mountain, in the field or in the forest – in the summer the workout takes place outside!

Health tips


In this extremely joint-gentle sport, the entire body is strengthened, especially the regions that are neglected by sitting for a long time. In addition to endurance, the coordination is trained and built the muscles throughout the body.


The sweeping movement stresses the heart and circulation, stimulates the metabolism, strengthens muscles and bones and combats excess pounds. The brisk walking can also help against osteoporosis, diabetes, back pain and cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure.


Jump, run, dive: In beach volleyball, you can execute very different movement patterns in no time at all. These intense stress components train almost all body parts and ensure that a lot of calories are broken down.


Even at low speeds, the endurance is sustained training without the joints being stressed as much as when running. In-line skating also improves coordination by keeping your balance steady and gets your heart and circulation going.


In Slake Lining, the self-movement of the band is balanced with the body. The balance is not held over the upper body, but also with the legs. Nice side effect for the bikini figure: The entire musculature is claimed.


Badminton promotes speed of reaction, stamina and strength, is easy to learn and play almost anywhere in calm conditions. The rules are very simple: The ball must be kept in the air as long as possible by a gentle back and forth.


The wet fun spares the joints and gets the circulation going: The body is better supplied with blood, the muscles are strengthened and the water pressure has a positive effect on the veins and lymph channels.

healthy life tip

For outdoor activities, use sunscreen with the highest possible sun protection factor (SPF) and wear sunglasses and headgear. Very important: Drink a lot, as you lose a lot more fluid during high temperatures and sports activities than in indoor sports.

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