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To highlight the look, we find no better than the line of eyeliner. But mastering the technique of eyeliner is quite an art. But Cosmo is on the spot and tells you how to choose your eyeliner, how to make your eyeliner, and especially what line of eyeliner is adapted to the shape of your eyes. So with your brushes, ready: make up!

In makeup, we did not find better than the line of eyeliner to sublimate the look. Rendering cult by Brigitte Bar dot or Audrey Hepburn, the famous  doe eye  has always been on our eyes.

Today, the line of eyeliner can be declined to infinity. But why does this eye makeup seduce so much? Simply because eyeliner emphasizes the eyelid flush lashes to give a side elegant and ultra sexy to our eyes.

How to choose your line of eyeliner?

But for an impeccable rendering, no mystery: we must already begin at the base, namely:  choose your eyeliner .

Different types of liner are available on the market:

  • Liquid eyeliner  : the best known of all ensures a good performance and a brilliant result.
  • Felt eyeliner  : reserved for initiates, this liner dries quickly and holds all day long.
  • The gel eyeliner  : presented in the form of a small pot and a brush, it is practical to make any type of eyeliner
  • The eyeliner pencil  : practical to achieve a smoky-eyes fast, it does not hold all day.Tips to choose your line for eyelinerWhat shape of line is adapted to the shape of your eyes?The comma form of eyeliner is most popular with those with sunken eyes. It allows to open the eyes to the maximum.To enlarge small eyes , it is better to bet on the Egyptian form. This line of eyeliner covers the upper part and half of the lower part.Close-up eyes turn to a feature on the outer corner of the eye to stretch the eye.Round eyes are worked with a similar technique, commonly called the doe eye . For this form of line, the thickness is thinner on the inner part to widen on the sides.

    As for the falling eyes , it is better to favor a line beginning at the half of the eye to stretch upward on the outside.

    What color of eyeliner will enhance your eyes?

    Black, sure value for a chic result? The glitter for a party makeup  ? Or the colorful liner for the summer?

    Cosmo reveals all the trends in eyeliner colors to be at the forefront of fashion. The black a bit too wise leaves place since a few years with colored liners like the violet, the green, the turquoise. In short: the color block

    For classic girls, of course, the crowbar remains a must. Placed as close as possible to the root of the upper lashes, it ends in a point more or less long and goes back towards the end of the eyebrow.

    Tips for enhance your eyesFor those who dare the more eccentric make-up, you can opt for graphic, geometric eyeliner features for a 100% arty, fashionable and stylish look.

    Ready for a   bewitching doe look ? Discover without delay our best advice so that eyeliner eye makeup has no secrets for you!


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Recent Pages Recent Pages is a site to discover original, unique &
media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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