Homemade dessert

Homemade dessert

Finish your meal on a sweet note by making an easy, fast and original dessert. Pies, cakes, mellow, crumble, clafoutis … These delights will make the happiness of sweet beaks. Do you have little time in front of you? Opt for a quick homemade dessert like a chocolate fondant, close in just minutes. If you’ve planned a hearty meal, turn to a light dessert such as a fruit salad or lemon mousse, to finish it off with refinement. Gourmet and original, the verrines will allow you to play on colors and textures. The verrines are always the most beautiful effect at your table. Inspire yourself from dessert recipes, you will find your happiness.


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Chocolate fondant

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yogurt cake

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Delicious lemon meringue pie

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Chocolate fondants in ramekins

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Raspberry tiramisu

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Recipes for tiramisu

tiramisu : the best recipe

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Cherry clafoutis

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Fondant chocolate cake

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Pear chocolate cake: the best recipe


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