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Discovering the banana But where does it come from?


Although it is often associated with Africa , bananas are, in fact, native to … Asia  ! And yes, it would come from Southeast Asia, a region from the far north of Australia to north-east  India . It is also there that it is considered the “fruit of paradise” : according to the Hindus, it would not be an apple that Eve would have extended to Adam, but a banana  !It was only in...

Advertisement: The MEGA-MAX success concept for your desired figure


Making a good figure on the beach is easy and delicious with MEGA MAX. It is very important to us that you come with enjoyment and joie de vivre to your personal feel-good weight. Let’s start  with  the  startup phase . In  these  first 3 days, you  switch  your  metabolism  to  effective  fat  burning. This  works  with 3  delicious  protein  shakes  and  glaucoma  saturation capsules ...

Satiety: 4 tips to recognize the feeling of satiety


# 1 Eat gently The  messages of satiety take a long time to go back to the brain: 15 to 20 minutes on average. For this reason, it is essential to eat slowly  to better perceive the feeling of satiation . Eating greedily, and therefore too quickly, leads to having to note afterwards that we  ate too much . To respect his hunger, it is therefore necessary to eat slowly, remaining attentive to his...

Fibers for Dummies


What are the fibers? The fibers are a form of carbohydrates which is essential to the proper functioning of the intestinal transit and has the distinction of not being absorbed by our intestine . We do not “eat” them properly: our body uses them and then rejects them by the fecal route. The different types of dietary fiber Fibers can be classified into two categories:  soluble and...

Lipids for dummies!


What is lipids? Lipids are one of the three macro nutrients (= nutrient that provides energy ) essential for the proper functioning of our body, alongside carbohydrates and proteins . In everyday language, we often tend to speak of “fat” and it is not for nothing since “lipid” comes from the Greek “Lipos” which means “fat”. Lipids are therefore fats...

Recent Pages Recent Pages is a site to discover original, unique &
media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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