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Tips to erase the dark circles

If there is a beauty ally to have in his makeup kit, it is the corrector. Best friend of the tired minois, the concealer is effective only if you know how to coax it. That’s good, we tell you how to choose your concealer and how to apply it so that it erases all traces of fatigue but also small imperfections that are seen on your face!

Hard to choose among the multitude of correctors, concealer and other reflectors brushes of lights.

Fortunately, we are here to steal your help and give you the best tips to choose your concealer , but also to apply it well.

Compact dark circles, concealer cream: formulas

  • Anti-dark circles cream, for coverage. 

The big advantage of creamy circles is their coverage. If you have rings marked and rather dark, do not hesitate!

Those looking for lightness and fluidity will prefer anti-dark circles with brush applicators . The tube formats have a thicker texture (and therefore even more covering), which is recommended to apply to the make-up sponge.

Dark circles formula

  • Anti-dark circles stick, playful and easy to apply. 

The stick format is the best friend of beauticians pressed: we tap directly on dark circles, we fade on the finger and voila !

Tips for anti dark circles

  • Compact anti-dark circles, to correct and mattify. 

Compact anti-dark circles combine the creamy texture of a cream concealer with the mattifying action of a powder. Ideal for covering dark circles without smothering the skin and risk shining in the middle of the day.

Tips for compact anti dark circles

Which shade of dark circles to choose?

The choice of the shade of the corrector is by far the most crucial step.

If you make a mistake, your dark circles, instead of being camouflaged, will instead be accentuated.

  • What anti-dark circles on dark circles, brown, black? 

The first step in choosing the shade of a concealer is to identify what types of dark circles you have.

If they are bluish (that your veins are quite visible), choose a  pink or even orange anti-dark circles, to neutralize this blue and cold effect.

If they are rather brown, brown or even purple, it will rather choose beige, peach and yellow hues to better hide your dark circles.

Tips to find dark circles

  • Choose the color of dark circles according to the complexion.

To choose the right shade of dark circles, follow the same rule as to choose your foundation : to match its natural complexion.

The trick? Opt for a product a semitone below your skin color. No more no less.

Because if your corrector is too dark, it will bring out your dark circles, while if it is much clearer than your natural complexion, it will not be enough coverage.

How to apply his anti-dark circles?

Concealed circles, it is immediately a more radiant complexion and a more radiant mine. It is still necessary to know how to apply one’s anti-dark circles .

  • Anti-dark circles, before or after the foundation? 

First of all, do not forget to moisturize your face with a cream adapted to your skin type and, if necessary, to apply an eye contour treatment .

Then, except in the case of very dark circles and marked, where it can be useful to put the corrector before the foundation, A rule # 1 is to apply the concealer after the background of complexion.

Tips for applying anti dark circles

  • Apply the anti-dark circles according to its formula.

The secret of the application is the delicacy. The product is not spread, but is gently applied by small strokes, with a brush, a finger or a make – up sponge .

Above all, we start from the inner corner of the eye and towards the outer corner.

Once the product affixed throughout the rings, just tap with your finger without too much pressure, to melt the product.

Then, apply its usual foundation and finish with free powder on the face set including rings, to fix the set.


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media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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