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Tips for velvet hands

Embracing your hands in gloves all winter is not enough to protect them. So to say goodbye to the dry hands and the skin that pulls because of the cold, here are the  instructions for winter hand creams for a very soft result. To you velvet hands …

Our hands do not have an easy life every day, especially in winter. They are attacked by the negative temperatures which dry them and leave the particularly unpleasant sensation of the skin which pulls, is cracked and gives a “crocodile skin” effect not jojo! But not only.

They are smothered because they are wrapped in gloves. And rubbing tissue on the skin irritates it and sometimes leaves redness on the skin of the hands which is very thin and therefore very fragile.

Finally, washed, washed again and then re-washed: our hands lose the “fat” which forms a natural shield on the skin and therefore dry up in two phases.

Well hydrate your hands in winter

So to avoid all these inconveniences, the only solution is hydration.

And to moisturize your hands , apply hand cream.

You still have to find the right hand cream for your dry skin .

So to help you find the cream you need and especially learn how to apply it to maximize the effect.

Tips to hydrate your hands in winter

How to choose the right hand-cream ?

The winning combo of a hand cream is to combine protection and hydration of the skin.

Because in winter, temperatures drop, it is imperative to protect your hands with a greasy film that acts as a shield on the epidermis to prevent the skin from dehydrating.

At the same time, the hand cream must be nourishing to soothe feelings of discomfort and tightness.

Tips for choose the right hand cream

How to apply your hand cream?

To maximize the effects, there are some rules to follow. Especially if the damage caused by the cold is important.

1 / Apply regular cream during the day, especially after washing your hands, but after having dried them properly.
Water is not the best friend of dry skin.

2 / Massage again and again until complete absorption of the cream.

3 / Never go out in the winter without wearing gloves.
Protection, it also goes through the accessories!

4 / In the evening, before sleeping, apply a thick layer of hand cream, put on cotton gloves and sleep with it.
The next morning you will see, your hands will be all soft.

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media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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