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Lipstick everything to choose apply and hold

How to find and choose the right lipstick in the jungle lip makeup products? How to put your lipstick and keep it long? What color of lipstick is right for you? How to find the right texture? In short, what lipstick is right for you? Cosmo gives you all the tips so that your lipstick becomes your best ally of seduction.

Not always easy to choose the right lipstick! You have to find the right texture, the right color and the right way to apply your lipstick. Cosmo gives you all the tips to find the lipstick you need!

Find the right color of lipstick

When it comes to finding the perfect lipstick color, exercise can be difficult. Still, the case is not so complicated. Classic red, powder pink or nude, there are a multitude of colors that match all your desires.

Tips to find the right color of lipstick

To find the right lipstick color , just start by trying it. Quite simply. The hue must be in harmony with your  eye makeup , the color of your hair and also with your complexion.

If you have fair skin, you can choose a red, a pink or the pink nude. Forget the bland hues.

On the other hand, if you have matte skin, you opt for a color that wakes up the complexion like apricot, ruby ​​red or a coppery brown. Avoid purple and chestnut. For black skin, the craziest colors are allowed. Place with intense blues, chestnuts, purples and reds.

We think less but the color of lipstick is also to choose according to the shape of the mouth. Which lipstick to choose for a small mouth  ? What lipstick for a luscious mouth  ? We tell you everything to find the best color of lipstick.

Find the right texture of lipstick

In the radius of lipsticks, you find different textures. There is lipstick stick, matte lipstick, creamy lipstick … But also newcomers like lipstick powder!

Be aware that the satin textures are very comfortable but their behavior is not long. Matters that tended to dry lips now have a more moisturizing composition.

Tips to find the right texture of lipstick

How to apply lipstick properly ?

You have found the lipstick of your dreams, yet it is necessary to know how to apply it. If you want a natural lip makeup , you should emphasize the lip outline with a slightly darker pencil than your lips before applying lipstick.

If you want a matte mouth, you must make sure you have good hydrated lips before applying lipstick.

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media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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