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Tips for acne treatments

Finding an effective acne treatment is the fight of all those who have pimples. Light or inflammatory acne, different techniques exist to make skin with imperfections. Natural treatment against acne, antibiotic treatment or laser … You are told everything to get rid of these nasty buttons.

Natural treatments to fight against acne

The coconut oil helps clear acne pimples. Thanks to its greasy texture, it re balances skins prone to imperfections. It does not encourage the production of sebum and contains antibacterial agents that prevent impurities from proliferating on the epidermis.

The essential oil of tea tree, tea tree, can be used as a treatment against acne thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Always side natural treatment, to fight against acne , plants are your friends. Hops or nettles eaten as herbal tea help fight pimples.

Popular treatments for acne

Retinol, contained in many anti-wrinkles, is a good ally against acne. Derived from vitamin A, it unblocks the pores of the skin , reduces acne scars and fights against aging skin.

Money is also part of acne treatments. This element helps fight skin infections, burns and other skin infections. Another plus, it does not dry the skin. The use of zinc is also recommended in the fight against acne.

In acne treatments, we often hear about salicylic acid . It helps regulate the secretion of sebum, unclog pores, treat lesions and prevent scarring . Salicylic acid stabilizes the pH of the epidermis.

You will probably also hear about benzoyl peroxide. Used in cream or gel, it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

If you are a gentle doctor, acupuncture can help you fight acne. From certain points of pressure, the acupuncturist will help the production of sebum to regulate and thus to reduce acne.

Treatment against acne: methods at dermato.

For deep skin cleansing , go to the dermatologist. This health professional attacks your pimples with a very fine needle to make micro-incisions. It extracts the micro cysts and gets rid of blackheads or whiteheads.

The laser is also an effective treatment against acne. The light it produces will reach the sebaceous glands in the dermis without reaching the epidermis. This is to regulate the production of sebum to prevent the appearance of acne .

The use of antibiotics, such as roaccutane , in the treatment of acne should be taken with extreme caution. These drugs are often composed of isotretinoin and are reserved for inflammatory acne.

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media-rich articles on topics, you are passionate about.


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